In Daoism & Chinese Customs, Daoists & Chinese  have a set of Methods or Ways to get-rid of Negative Entities aka Ghost or Ceasing/Protecting any Negative Forces of invading one self or the surrounding, etc.

1st: Wearing of Natural Stones, Gems or Natural Resources (天生靈石鎮護身)

Natural Stones & Gems refer to Jade, Ruby, Diamonds, etc and Natural Resources refer to Gold, Silver, Bronze and Metal (but must be aware of Thunder & Lightning).

In Daoist Beliefs, such Items are Items that being formed after absorbing the Natural Energies that emitted out by Sun, Moon, Stars and other Natural Light Sources.

After Million Years of absorbing, such Items are more or less being enhanced with the Natural Positive Energies, by wearing them, one self will be able to get the Positive Energies that emitted out from these Items in-order to get one self being protected.

Even though such Items are Natural Enhanced, but after long term of wearing them, such Items must be cleansed too. Different Beliefs will have different methods of cleansing and so, do not need to compare or worry.

2nd: Placing of a New Broom in the Bedroom (新降掃把蕩穢神)

In Chinese Customs, the Broom is one Item that the Daoists or Chinese believed that it will get rid of All Un-necessary Lucks and Negative Forces.

And so, in some Dialect Groups, the People will tend to get a New Broom to place it in the Bedroom of a New Home, in-order to avoid or block any Negative Entities from invading during the Nights.

For Parents who worried that their new born babies will be attacked by Negative Entities, try placing a New Broom, at the top of the Broom handle tie a Red Ribbon or Red String then place it upside-down (Handle on Ground), in the babies room, it does help the babies to have good sleeps at night.

3rd: Making the Middle Finger Bleed (心火連指除陰氣)

For those who always return home at late night or those who always use pathways that are extremely dark, this will be a good method for you. One day, if you find that the pathway that you use is not extremely Right or Positive, do not get too worried, be calm and relax, try to get a sharp-pointed item (can be needle or pen-knife), poke a little hole on the Tip of your Left Hand Middle Finger and let the Blood flow out (do not Cut a Big Hole, if not, you will Join the Negative Entities if the Bleeding cannot stop).

If you feel that something is dashing towards you, sprinkle the Blood to towards the direction and then dash thru it, it will help to protect you for a short moment. After you dash thru that spot, run as fast as you can to find a brightly-lit place or find someone on the Road to accompany you (remember to make sure that person is a Human and not other Beings).

Upon reaching home, wash yourself with some rice & salt, in-order to get rid of the Negative Energies that stuck onto your Physical Body.

4th: Capturing of the Soul using Red-string (硃砂仙索捆邪侵)

This is one of the dangerous ways to protect one self, if you are not brave and strong enough, do not use this method.Buy a Bundle of Red-string, buy a Pack of Zhu Sha (Red ink for drawing Talisman) and a Bottle of Rice Wine.

After reaching home, get a Glass or Porcelain Bowl, pour the Rice Wine in and then throw the Whole pack of Zhu Sha into the Bowl, mix them well and then cut at least 2 meters of the Red-string and soak it inside the mixture.

Wrap the Bowl up and let it on the Altar for at least 3 Days (some will soak for 49 Days).

After the Bowl is being unwrap, carefully retrieve the Red-string out (some can be fragile after some many days of soaking), let it Wind-dry and then, cut it into the wanted length.

Bring 1 with you and the rest to hang around in the Home.

If any Stubborn Negative Entities will to invade your home, the Red-string will take effect and once you see the Red-string is being tangled up or a knot is being tie-up then quickly take down the Red-string and burn it off with a stack of Incense-Gold-paper.

PS: This is a Cruel Way to treat such Souls, try to engage Spiritual Priests or Masters to perform Rituals/Ceremonies to salvage them, rather then Capture them and then Kill them off.

5th: Inviting of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling to Home (天師鎮宅保平安)

This is one of the ways that we Daoists will do, by inviting a Portrait or a Picture of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling to be hung at home or honored. According to Daoist Records, Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling does have the Authority and Ability to ward off Negative Entities & Forces, by doing so, the Home will be blessed with Positive Energies and also, the necessary Blessings from Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling.

6th: Carrying an Ancient Coin (天圓地方一銅錢)

Ancient Coin, made into a shape of outside Round and inside Square, this is to represent Tian Yuan Di Fang, meaning, getting the Enhancement from the Heaven & Earth. By carrying an Ancient Coin with one self, if anything will to happen, just take out the Ancient Coin and throw towards the direction that you feel the Negative Forces, the Negative Forces will be ward off.

Do remember, after throwing the Coin out, do not retrieve it back, cos, once an Ancient Coin touches the Soil-ground, it loses its Ability and Enhancement.

7th: Placing of a Pre-Heavenly Creation Trigram aka Xian Tian Ba Gua (先天八卦治妖邪)
Pre-Heavenly Creation Trigram aka Xian Tian Ba Gua, Xian Tian Ba Gua – the Qian Symbol is sitting directly opposite the Kun Symbol, Brilliant & Spiritual Symbols that being discovered, created & founded by our Ancestor.

In the Eight Symbols, they reveal the Miracle Strong Energies & Power that hidden inside this Mortal World and also, the Creation of the Universe. By performing the Upright and Accurate Enhancement for the Ba Gua, the Ba Gua will be enhancement with Strong and Miracle Energies and by placing a Ba Gua in a Home, a Home will be protected by the Positive & Upright Energies that emitted out by the Ba Gua.

8th: Chopping of a Rooster Head (靈光紅現百魅清)
This is a very Ancient Way of Warding-off Negative Entities or Forces. If an Area is being founded with Negative Entities or Forces invading, the Spiritual Master will request for a White Rooster with a Big Red Crown.

Upon doing a quick reporting to the Heaven and inviting of the Heavenly Marshals to do protection on the Area, the Spiritual Master will use the Seven-star Sword to cut off the Rooster Crown or Chop off the Head and then, sprinkle the Blood around the Area.

Once the Blood is being sprinkled around, the Spiritual Master will do the final round of Chanting, in-order to usher in the Positive Forces. Today, in certain Countries, this Method is still being used, especially High-rise Buildings that founded invaded by Negative Forces.


For those who are learning Spiritual Skills, just need to memorize these 8 Sentences and where ever you go, you will be able to use these 8 Sentences to assist the needy:

Tian Sheng Ling Shi Zhen Hu Shen

Xin Jiang Sao Ba Dang Hui Shen

Xin Huo Lian Zhi Chu Yin Qi

Zhu Sha Xian Suo Kun Xie Qin

Tian Shi Zhen Zhai Bao Ping An

Tian Yuan Di Fang Yi Dong Qian

Xian Tian Ba Gua Zhi Yao Xie

Ling Guang Hong Xian Bai Mei Qing